The Best Total Workout Program That I Have Ever Found

I have been working out for years. In high school I used to run at least a hundred miles a week. I have also been lifting weights for years and can bench press 280 pounds. However, I have recently just discovered a device that allows me to combine the cardiovascular qualities of running with the muscle building qualities of lifting weights. The kettlebell provides the best total workout I have ever had.

If you are unfamiliar with a kettlebell it looks like a cannonball with a handle and, because of its design, can be used in significantly more ways that a barbell or a dumbbell. The fundamental exercise is the swing which works the muscles of your bodys core. But, all of the exercises are compound which means they work multiple muscle groups at once and give your body a total workout.

1st day:
Renegade rows: Assume s push up position with your hands gripping two kettlebells. Raise one KB in a rowing motion and lower. Raise the other one, lower and repeat.

Clean and press: Stand over two kettlebells and squat down to pick them up with your palms facing down. Lift the KBs with your legs to your hips then lift it to your chest in a reverse curl motion and then over head.

Military press: Standing upright with one or two KBs in your hands simply raise it over your head, lower and repeat.

Dips: With your body positioned between two parallel bars grip the bars and lower yourself to chest level before raising yourself up again, repeat.

Pull ups: Standing beneath a horizontal bar grab the bar with your palms facing away from you. Pull yourself up so that your head passes the bar, repeat.

2nd day:
Swings: This is the granddaddy of KB exercises and something you can only do with a KB. It works the muscles of your core (abs, back, hips) like nothing else. Simply squat downs and pick up a KB between your legs then, as you stand up, thrust forward with your back and hips. Do this a number of times and you will really feel it.

Squats: Stand with your toes pointing slightly outward and holding one or two KBs at your chest lower your body into a squatting position and come up again.

Dead lift: To do this exercise stand above one or two KBs and lower yourself to it as if you are sitting down. As in all the exercises it is very important to keep your back straight and your butt out and your eyes forward. Now dig your heels into the ground and lift with your legs. To increase the weight you may even want to wear a backpack full of sand.

Halos: Holding a KB in both hands by the handle with the bottom facing up rotate the KB around your head in one direction and then another.

Figure 8s: To do the figure 8 stand up with your legs slightly parted and a KB between your feet. Now squat down, pick the KB up and pass it through your legs to the other hand. After you have it in the other hand stand up and bring the KB briefly to your chest. Now, squat down again and pass the KB off to your other hand.

3rd day:
Chin ups: Chin ups are the same as pull ups however you grab the bar with your palms facing you so the motion is slightly different

Single armed snatch: Standing over a KB simply grab it with on hand and, in a single motion, raise it high over your head. Lower and repeat.

Bent Over Rows: Grab one or two KBs in one hand and, bending over at the hips, rais the KB to your side, lower and repeat. Do this with both arms.

High pulls: Grab one or two KBs in one or two of your hands and raise them to your chest. This is a great exercise for the shoulders.

Push ups: Everybody knows how to do a push up.

4th day:
Swings, squats, dead lift, halos, figure 8s.

You want to do these exercises in a circuit moving from one to another with a brief rest period in between. Do as many circuits as you can. It may look simple, and it is. But, you will be huffing and puffing pretty quickly and exhausted by the end of the work out. Using kettlebells you can actually burn up to 20 calories a minute. The only thing that compares to that is cross country skiing, uphill.

John Kidder is a middle aged man who finally took his life back after too many years and a few too many beers. Now the only 6 pack he has is not in his refrigerator. If you would like to know more click here

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