Exercise Regime For Parents at Home

It’s no easy task to commit to much less get started on an exercise regime if you’re a stay-at-home parent still, it is possible. Lucky for you, with a little creativity and ingenuity it’s actually the case that a stay-at-home parents’ schedule offers many surprising opportunities for incorporating a workout. You just need to be taught where they are. Here are some simple ideas for you to sneak in some of that all important time for exercise that have never presented themselves to you before.

Get your kids involved in your workout The number of obese kids is at epidemic levels, so, it’s each parent’s responsibility to ensure their entire family is keeping to a rigorous and closely monitored exercise regime. Here’s an opportunity you can take advantage of: The next time you tell your kids to go outside to play go outside and play too. Don’t let what you need to do be an excuse to not get your heart rate up and take the time to play with your kids.

Another great motivator is slipping on your exercise outfit just as soon as you get out of bed and vowing not to take them off until you’ve gotten in your workout each day. When you do this, you’re primed and ready to get down to exercising at the second an opportunity presents itself – for instance, when the kids are taking their nap or on a play date. By wearing your workout clothes, you’re sending yourself a reminder that your exercise regime is important to you.

To be sure, no matter how hard you try, some days don’t seem to present any opportunities to complete your entire exercise regime. Even on days where a full workout isn’t an option, you can still sneak in brief stints of activity here and there. Here’s an idea: park farther away from store entrances to add a few additional steps to your day. Better yet, make it a point to pick up the pace wherever you’re walking. At-home parents can make their workouts a game with small children by using the tykes as dead weight for intense pushups and leg lifts. The kids will treat it like an amusement park ride. Why not climb a few flights of stairs at those down moments when you’re waiting for your printer to finish that 50-page printing or the oven to stop.

At the end of the day keeping to a healthy workout schedule will stand to keep you feeling more alert and able to care for your kids it gives your kids a healthy and positive example to follow for the rest of their lives.

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