Exercise to reduce snoring


Snoring is an irritating habit but it irritates the person sleeping right next to them the most. Snoring is sometimes even the cause of huge embarrassment and people are willing to go to any extent to avoid finding themselves in any embarrassing situation due to their snoring habits. There are numerous exercises to stop the snoring. In this article we will discuss some of the effective exercises which will help you in reducing snoring and ensure a peace full sleep for everyone.


Customary exercise programs:


Overweight is one of the causes of snoring so when you reduce weight you also get rid of your snoring habits to some extent. There are some exercises such as cardio which will help in reducing your weight. So in order to get rid of the snoring, do particular exercises which help you in reducing your weight. But keep in mind that weight cannot be reduced by exercising alone; you will need to decrease your diet and the calories intake because diet really matters a lot in reducing the weight.


Strengthening your muscles face:


Your tongue is one of the main thing which causes snoring. Basically the tongue blocks the air coming form outside which causes snoring. There are many exercises which will help you in strengthen your tongue which is considered to be very effective way to reducing snoring.


Here are some exercises that can help you in strengthening your tongue:

Stick your tongue as far out as possible and try your best to make your tongue as straight as you can, after doing this move your tongue to your left side  and than turn your tongue to your right side. You can also move your tongue up and down. Do these exercise three to four times a day for almost five to six minutes. Try your best to complete at least fifteen repetitions, and try to increase these repetitions day by day.
Make your mouth in the form of an overstated kiss and hold this posture for at least five to six seconds. This exercise will help in making your mouth, jaws and lips strong which will help you in reducing snoring.
There are some other postures such as making overstated smile for some seconds and with that repeat the alphabets in a low voice. These facial exercises are helpful in reducing snoring.

These are the simplest exercise which can be easily done during driving and also can be done when you are taking shower. You can read more about exercises to stop snoring here.

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