Exercise Regime For Parents at Home

It’s no easy task to commit to much less get started on an exercise regime if you’re a stay-at-home parent still, it is possible. Lucky for you, with a little creativity and ingenuity it’s actually the case that a stay-at-home parents’ schedule offers many surprising opportunities for incorporating a workout. You just need to be taught where they are. Here are some simple ideas for you to sneak in some of that all important time for exercise that have never presented themselves to you before.

Get your kids involved in your workout The number of obese kids is at epidemic levels, so, it’s each parent’s responsibility to ensure their entire family is keeping to a rigorous and closely monitored exercise regime. Here’s an opportunity you can take advantage of: The next time you tell your kids to go outside to play go outside and play too. Don’t let what you need to do be an excuse to not get your heart rate up and take the time to play with your kids.

Another great motivator is slipping on your exercise outfit just as soon as you get out of bed and vowing not to take them off until you’ve gotten in your workout each day. When you do this, you’re primed and ready to get down to exercising at the second an opportunity presents itself – for instance, when the kids are taking their nap or on a play date. By wearing your workout clothes, you’re sending yourself a reminder that your exercise regime is important to you.

To be sure, no matter how hard you try, some days don’t seem to present any opportunities to complete your entire exercise regime. Even on days where a full workout isn’t an option, you can still sneak in brief stints of activity here and there. Here’s an idea: park farther away from store entrances to add a few additional steps to your day. Better yet, make it a point to pick up the pace wherever you’re walking. At-home parents can make their workouts a game with small children by using the tykes as dead weight for intense pushups and leg lifts. The kids will treat it like an amusement park ride. Why not climb a few flights of stairs at those down moments when you’re waiting for your printer to finish that 50-page printing or the oven to stop.

At the end of the day keeping to a healthy workout schedule will stand to keep you feeling more alert and able to care for your kids it gives your kids a healthy and positive example to follow for the rest of their lives.

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Good Workout Programs For Women – What Makes a Good Workout Program?

Good Workout Programs For Women

Today, people are getting more and more conscious of their health and fitness. That is why having a workout routine has become a big trend. More and more people are going to the gym in order to get fit. However, some people might not have the time, money or the luxury to go to these places. This does not mean that they cannot do their exercising at home, in their own way. They just need to have a good workout program that works the best for them.

What people need to know is creating a workout regimen is not as easy as it seems. Making your own workout routine calls for having the appropriate knowledge as to what makes a good workout program. Creating a workout plan takes more than just going at it through doing a lot of running, jumping and even lifting weights for a few minutes. It especially does not mean overdoing it and working out nonstop for hours on end. In order to know what programs and exercise works best for you, you have to figure out what you want from a fitness program. You need to ask yourself how long you are willing to set aside time and effort in order to do this workout system, what kind of results you would want and the exercises that you enjoy. Finally, you have to discover what programs or exercise types you know will not work for you. Good Workout Programs For Women

Once you have all that figured out, the next step is to plan. If you are not sure what you want, you can check out some exercises at the gym or online so you will know what to include. You need to list your routine down because once you get into a workout it can be really tempting to do whatever exercise pops in your head at the moment. However, you can vary your routine so that you will not get bored doing the same thing. For a superior workout, you need to keep a daily exercise log to set your goals for the day, keep track of your exercise routine, record your energy level, and whether there are specific areas that you want to work with later on. Repetition is also very important in a workout. Repetitions depend mostly on what your goal is; the ideal for beginners in to do three sets of ten repetitions per set, then work your way up to doing fifteen and then twenty. Twelve to twenty five reps per set is ideal if you are trying to add muscle mass while eight to fifteen reps is the best for sculpting your body.

You have to make sure that the maximum workout time should not exceed sixty minutes. You need to remember that exercising any longer will actually prevent your body from burning fat and gaining muscle. You have to make sure to take around one and a half minutes rest in between each set. The best personal workout plan is one that you will enjoy. With this, you will be able to get fit in no time. Good Workout Programs For Women

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Home Workouts For Women Without Equipment

It is entirely possible to achieve the same results with at home workouts as you would with a gym workout that incorporates free weight, machines and extensive cardio equipment. It is also entirely possible to do a highly effective workout in your home in much less time that it takes to drive to a gym, fight for space on the equipment, shower and return home.

If a workout is not enjoyable, potentially budget draining, or requires too much valuable time from an already hectic life, the simple truth is that eventually it will stop being done. It is easy to think of workouts begun and ended for any of those reasons. That is why home workouts for women are so appealing, and successful. To lose fat and build that sexy and lean physique with out any of the potential inconveniences of working out at a gym this excellent at home workout that requires no equipment is the answer.

Choosing the correct exercises

It is absolutely essential to choose the correct exercises to facilitate fat burning. The best are big, compound movements that incorporate large body movements and build strength while burning fat and providing aerobic benefits. The very best of these types of exercises include:

1. Squats
2. Push-ups
3. Inverted rows
4. Lunges
5. Squat thrusts
6. Planks

Choosing the correct structure

1. Structure your workout to provide the most benefit in the least amount of time to accelerate fat burning, increase tone, build endurance and add definition.

2. Create a lean sexy body by eliminating unnecessary breaks between exercises. This is very important as the fewer breaks taken the more fat is burned.

3. Move quickly through repetitions and sets.

4. Refrain from long rest periods between sets and never sit down!

5. Complete repetitions on at least two exercise types and rest only 30 – 60 seconds before continuing with subsequent sets.


1. Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise routine.

2. Increase the challenge of exercise daily and do not expect to do as many repetitions and sets when first starting a program.

3. Don’t become discouraged.

4. Remember that building strength and burning fat is a project that requires adjustment.

5. Never risk loosing the impetus of a work-out by choosing the wrong exercise or doing the exercise incorrectly.

Follow these suggestions and be prepared for all the benefits of an excellent cardio and strength training workout that also tones and firms the entire body as fat is burned. Be prepared for a knock out figure in record time.

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An Exercise Board is Great for Getting Some Exercise at Home

Have you ever had plans to go to the gym or to get out of your house to go running, only to have those plans fail miserably simply because you were too lazy to do so? Well if you have then you stand in good company, because the very same thing is happening to a great many people every day. This is the reason why many people want to have some form of exercise that they can do at home, because this makes it more difficult to develop an excuse not to do those exercises. With Indo boarding, all you need is a small space in your home, and you will be able to use Indo boarding as a great form of exercise both for shedding those extra pounds and also for improving your body’s natural sense of balance.


Indo boarding is perfect for the home because it takes up very little space, unlike some of the big and bulky gym machines that many people are so fond of. Not only do those machines take up a great deal of space in a home, they are also extremely expensive. With Indo boarding, however, all you will need is an exercise board that is not much bigger than a regular skateboard. The exercise board is balanced on a roller, which makes it necessary for you to actively maintain your balance while you are on the exercise board. In this way, Indo boarding helps you develop a better sense of balance, while giving the muscles of your entire body a good workout at the same time.


Finding an exercise like Indo boarding that works out the muscles of the entire body, especially the core muscles, is important because many people often neglect to develop their core muscles. Too many people who go to the gym concentrate overmuch on the “aesthetic” muscles – those muscles like the biceps and pectorals which will make your body look better when they are developed. In order to develop true strength and overall fitness, however, the core muscles of the body are extremely important, as they are very much involved in helping your body keep its balance and when you are performing strenuous tasks.


When you get better at Indo boarding, you will also be able to learn different tricks that can be performed on the exercise board, which will help you develop better motor skills. This is because the motor skills are dependent on the brain developing the ability to do several different things in quick succession without you having to think too much about it. When you learn to perform a trick on an exercise board, you are actually learning to make several different movement with your body in quick succession. These tricks range from the most simple, such as moving the board quickly from side to side, to the highly advanced tricks that involve getting the board in the air and flipping it.


With Indo boarding, you will never have another excuse not to get some exercise, even on those days when you are feeling extremely lazy. And the best thing about having an exercise board is that it is so fun, most days you will actively want to get on it and work out.


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The Best Exercise to Lose Weight

The best exercise to lose weight is the exercise that you stick with. Weight loss takes time and dedication. To ensure success, create an exercise program that you enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if running averages 100 calories per mile if you don’t like to run (and therefore not likely to stick it out). Instead focus on exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable.

From a technical standpoint, aerobic exercises burn the most calories per workout. It is therefore important to incorporate some form of aerobic exercise into your workout plan.

cardiovascular workouts – The base of your workout program should consist mainly of cardio exercises. If you are new to exercise, begin with walking. While simple, walking at a brisk pace is a good way to build up your fitness level. Set your goal for at least 10,000 steps a day.

Other forms of cardio workouts include: basketball, soccer, swimming and running.

Interval training – as your fitness level improves, try implementing intervals into your workouts. An interval is the combination of both high intensity and low intensity training in one workout. For example a thirty second sprint followed by a minute jog. Not only is this challenging, but it is also an effective calorie burner. Your body is constantly being pushed and in effect forced to expend more energy. Intervals are only recommended for individuals that already have an exercise program in place (beginners should not attempt)

cross training – another excellent way to burn calories while keeping workouts interesting, is through cross training. The involvement of 2 or more activities in one workout/exercise program is referred to as cross training. For example: A runner swims on his off days.

conclusion: The most effective calorie burning exercises are cardio exercises. While some exercise burn more calories than others, they are of no value if they are of no interest to you. Choose a workout program that works for you. Your program should be challenging but also be something that you look forward to. As with everything, weight loss takes time.  Remember that exercise is only a fraction of the journey. The other part revolves around your diet.

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Pilates Reformer Benefits For Exercise At Home

The Pilates Reformer benefits from being one of the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment invented by Joseph Pilates. This benefits you because it has a proven track record and there many fitness regimes based around the Reformer.

Although its introduction was in the 1920s the Reformer exercises are as valid today as they have ever been, this is because of its clever design and versatility. Whatever your level of fitness or experience this piece of equipment can be adjusted to meet your needs.

The versatility of the Pilates Reformer means that you can perform many exercises that strengthen the body and limbs and that follow the simple principles of Joseph Pilates. He stated that it was important to have a strong core or center, which in this case refers to the muscles in the center of the body, including the lower and upper back, the abdomen, hips, buttocks and inner thighs, which Pilates referred to as the powerhouse.

You then extend this strength out further into the arms and legs. Also included in a Pilates regime is the stretching and lengthening exercises that could otherwise restrict proper movement, essential for many sports from boxing to basketball. Apart from weightlifting itself sportsmen are required to move well, Pilates exercises can give you these benefits too.

So whether you are a professional athlete and many professional athletes do use the Reformer or are just starting exercising this could be what you have been looking for.

Many athletes also use the Reformer as part of their rehabilitation after injury, for which it is ideally suited. It can allow very controlled and graduated exercises to be performed safely and help prevent further injury.

So whether your goal is to increase muscle strength, cardio vascular fitness and better posture you will be able to achieve all three with this cleverly designed piece of equipment.

To get the best benefits from the Reformer it is best to attend a Pilates class or seek out a qualified trainer where you will learn to use it safely and most effectively. However if this is not possible there are videos or DVDs available to guide you through setting up and using it.

If you want a Pilates Reformer to use at home this is now possible with the latest designs being smaller and more portable than ever. Although lightweight and some are foldable you dont lose any of the advantages of having such a great piece of equipment at hand.

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Good Tips For Home Video Exercise

Do you not sure whether you want to go to gym bravely or ever? There are many kinds of workouts available on VHS, so you could save lots of money and time by burning calories without going out your home. Before you start, see these useful things.
1. Buy around. Before you start a exercise DVD, you should look at the description to ensure that is the suitable fitness level and length for you to take, and that you do not mind purchasing any equipment. If you are a bit worried about the equipment and want to have a try before you purchase, your local library or video shop are the good place for you to see whether they carry workout videos. You can find dumbbells and some other exercise equipment in many sporting goods shop.
2. Clear your home. Ensure that you have enough space to move around without damaging anything. I guess you should have some furniture moved. You ought to be very careful when you try out a video for the first time, and you need to have enough space for any moves that you never take before.
3. Get prepared. Prepare your water bottle, tissues, and any exercise thing you might use assembled before you get start workout, so you will not stop and get something.
4. Watch out for your children and lovely pets. If you have the little children and pets, make sure they are safe and let them stay away from you. Your sweet cat is batting your ankles during you are exercising yoga, which is not good for you getting your mind peace.
5. Be focused. Keep a handy notebook and pen with you so if you suddenly remember something distracting when you are working out, such as errand you must do, at this time you can write it down and go on your routine. This is good for you to concentrate on the workout.
6. Make it mix up. Life needs variety, so if you enjoy exercise at home, you can gradually add more workout videos to stop boredom. Even if you only like one workout, you need to try some other workouts at least two you could alternate, to prevent overuse injuries.
7. Do not get too eager. If the exercise includes description on proper form, watch it before you do it at the first time. Unlike you take workout at the gym, you do not need an instructor to check your form, so you have to ensure you do the moves correctly.
8. Add fun. Keep smile and bear in mind that you are going to have the great feeling after the exercise. When you finished, give yourself a healthy snack suck as a piece of fruit. You are taking care of yourself by your way. When you take more workouts, you will feel and see the result.

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Breast Exercises For Women At Home – Breast Exercises to Do at Home

Breast Exercises For Women At Home

Breast exercises have become extremely popular in the last decade due to the fact that they can be performed by women of all ages and the results can be quite dramatic. In addition to breast exercises, there is a growing interest in breast yoga. Whatever your choice, you will want to ensure that you are well prepared before you embark on your routine. Knowing exactly what results you would like to achieve and what exercises are best for achieving those results is an important first step.

Your first step is to critically assess what you want from your routine. There are exercises that will increase cleavage while others will improve contours and yet more that will make the breast seem larger and more upright or perky. Although most women will want all of the above, knowing what will make the most difference and focusing on those exercises in the beginning will result in more rewarding improvements in a shorter space of time.

Remember that it is important to maintain your exercise routine, so in order to make it easier to do just that, you will want to dedicate a time in your day for your exercises. No more than twenty minutes, but setting aside the time has proven to be a successful tip.

Let’s start you off with two easy to perform exercises. There are numerous exercises to choose from, but these are excellent ones to get started on. Breast Exercises For Women At Home

Exercise #1.

The Pushup:- Pushups are a particularly good workout for the pectoral muscles. Men have been doing this exercise for centuries and now women have noticed that their breasts look fuller when they perform this exercise. The main reason for that is that the muscle lies beneath the breast tissue and when it is well formed it will push the breast tissue forward giving the appearance of more volume.

In order to get the most out of this exercise, you can vary the distance between your hands.

Exercise #2.

The Palm Push: – This exercise is also extremely effective at creating firmer, more lifted breasts. The muscles on the top of the breasts are worked extensively during this exercise.

Sitting on a chair with your feet slightly apart and your palms raised to your chest height, you will want to press your palms together. By alternating tension and release, you will notice that the chest muscles and particularly the muscles rising from the breast to the neck will receive the best workout. Remember to keep your elbows up and horizontal to the ground for the most benefit. Breast Exercises For Women At Home

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Circuit Training For Beginners

Circuit training is a method of exercise with which you will get the combination of the benefits of weight lifting along with cardio. Since you may be unfamiliar with the way that circuit training works, here are some helpful tips to get you started. Along with some of the exercises, I’ll provide you with some hints you can use at home. Though most gyms have circuit training classes, you’ll have enough information to start a training program at home.

Circuit training takes its name from an electrical circuit in that you go all the way around a series of exercises until you “complete the circuit” before beginning the sequence again. For example, you might do an upper body exercise like pull ups, followed by a lower body exercise like squats, followed by a full body exercise like jumping jacks. Since your heart rate remains at a relatively high rate during the entire circuit, you will get a high quality workout that will give you results faster. You get the advantages of strength training and the benefits of cardio at the same time.

When I first started circuit training I found out that it was best to use between 5-10 exercises in each circuit. You want a total of 20-25 sets so if you choose 5 exercises, you are going to have to do at least 4 rounds whereas if you have 8 exercises you only have to complete 3 rounds. Make sure to warm up by moving your arms and legs rather than using static stretching. Do that afterwards. You want to do a dynamic (moving) warm up to get blood into the muscles.

All right, now that we are done with our warm up, let’s start our circuit. A good whole body exercise like jumping jacks is a good way to start. Next we need some good upper body exercises. Lets use two types of push ups. I like to use Hindu push ups and spiderman push ups but since we are designing this for beginners, we’ll use the standard push up which you can even do on your knees, and close grip push ups, with the hands close together. Let’s throw in an inverted row to round out the upper body exercises.

Now we need some lower body exercises. Lets use lunges, mountain climbers, step ups, and squats. Now all we have left is to arrange them. We’ll put the jumping jacks at the beginning to get the whole body ready for action. Next we’ll arrange the exercises alternating upper and lower body exercises. We call this non-opposing exercises. The upper body exercise does not share any muscle groups with the previous or subsequent lower body exercises. Now all we have to do is order the exercises and we come up with this:

Jumping Jacks 60
Lunges 20
Push Ups 20
Mountain Climbers 20/leg
Step Ups 20
Inverted Rows 20
Squats 20
Close Grip Push Ups 20

(Repeat 3 times)

Now you know what you need to get to started. As you get stronger you can add more repetitions and modify the exercises to incorporate more difficult exercise variations.

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Clint Grimes, is a retired US Navy commander. He is certified by the California Interscholastic Federation and is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the boys soccer teams at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA.

You have permission to publish this article in your web sites, ezines or electronic publication, as long as the piece is used in its entirety including the resource box, all hyperlinks (HTML clickable) and references and copyright info.

Exercise To Lose Weight Fast For Beginners

Before beginning any exercise to lose weight fast you should consult with your doctor and have a thorough checkup done especially if you are overweight or have been ill or have any type of heart problem or high blood pressure or other medical ailments. If you have not participated in any exercise program for a long period of time or recovering from an injury you need the green light from a professional first.

Should this be your first time doing exercise then you need to tread with caution as beginners should carry out their exercise program slowly and allow the body and muscles to become accustomed to the strain of physical exercise. Once your body has started adjusting then only should you begin increasing the intensity and duration of your exercise program. And should you experience any sort of pain or discomfort then stop and consult your trainer or doctor.

Make sure before you start off with your exercise to lose weight fast program that you have the right shoes and loose fitting clothing. The weather should be taken into consideration as well because if it too hot or cold physical exertion could be dangerous for you as a beginner.

When starting an exercise program you should heed cautious as you cannot go straight into the program before you have done warm ups and stretching exercises. You need to stretch your muscles slowly that helps prevent injury during an exercise program. You need to get your circulation going and increase your body temperature so spend at least five minutes on warm ups.
Once you are warmed up you can start the actual exercises and when starting do not over exert yourself the first few days. After a week or more you will be able to increase the intensity as well as the length of time. It is perfectly normal for your heart rate to increase and your breathing to become more rapid and deep and you should begin to sweat.

End off with a cooling down session by spending a couple of minutes just walking slowly which will allow the body temperature to cool down. You need to start your exercises off slowly and must also end your exercises slowly when you exercise to lose weight fast. If you continue with your routine exercises on a daily basis your will burn up calories, lose weight fast and feel like much healthier. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced diet.

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