City Life: 5 Minutes Early In The Morning All Buttoned Paiduyangyan Thin

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The early morning hours for office workers, always nervous, but if used properly, even 5 minutes can make the body, face a major improvement, is essential to uphold and attention.

1, a glass of dilute brine

Wake up, with warm salt water for his cup of light. Salt concentration in the drink is put out of salt water, there is not a salt level. The first cup of morning light salt water can help the body metabolites night discharge body, but also reduce the body’s anger, especially for dry winter.

2, a cup of warm water for

Light after another cup of warm salt water, the body of water as a supplement, or as a reserve next yoga. Drink two cups of water, even if the feeling is support, it can be inserted in the middle wash, packed beds of the work, saving time, but also to the body of a digestion process, the following yoga exercise will not be caused by water and more visceral sag.

3, yoga – tree style Chose the early morning hours of practice to tree type, because in the early morning, the body is an important task is to sleep when the metabolism of waste removed from the body, while the tree-type effect with the bowel, just to help the body to complete its “cases line of work. ” Tree type can relieve constipation, hyperacidity, stomach bloating, indigestion and other symptoms of kidney and urinary system is also good.

Exercise steps: 1, standing, normal breathing.

2, left leg standing, his right leg from the knee bent, right leg raised above the left thigh on the outside of the heel and foot hold in the upper left thigh. Right foot slightly reversed, pressure on the left thigh, but do not use the heel, lateral heel compression and application of the left leg. When the outer heel firmly on the pressure in the left thigh, the left leg straight and the whole body to be taut. (You can also use the palm close to the left thigh, right foot)

3, inhale, your hands from your sides up to the head. When both hands lifted to the top of the head, hands together, palms on your head, wrists close to the head.

4, five deep breaths to maintain, restore, for the other side to do.

4, yoga – a large circular

Large circular speed up your metabolism and blood circulation, help the body adapt quickly to start their working day from the sleep process.

Exercise steps: 1, standing, normal breathing.

2, step to the left leg, toes facing the left side, knees bent, right leg, keeping even his legs into a bow and arrow step. Index finger cross, suction, palm turned outward, and arms the whole country heads to the right of the pull, the elbow does not bend as much as possible. Whole body in a plane.

3, five deep breaths to maintain, restore, for the other side to do.

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Eat bananas to help lose weight before the morning run

Eat bananas to help lose weight before the morning run



Fasting exercise will lead to dizziness and even vomiting, and a “campaign of low blood sugar”, and even television syncope; and exercise immediately after eating can cause stomach pains and even vomiting.


University of Memphis, Department of Health and Sports Science, Assistant Professor Dr. Li Weidong said: For a person like morning exercise, eat a bit of easy to digest certain things, such as bananas, raisins, with a high carbohydrate sports drinks. And after 30 minutes to exercise. Do not eat fat and protein foods. Because these foods are not digestible.


Single-carbohydrate foods such as syrup, orange juice is easy to digest, but the sudden rise can cause sudden drop in blood sugar, and then make you feel tired. So do not drink sugar water, honey and so on.


Fasting exercise will lead to dizziness and even vomiting, and a “campaign of low blood sugar”, and even television syncope; and exercise immediately after eating can cause stomach pains and even vomiting. If you wake up within an hour of exercise, eat a certain food containing 200-300 kcal of energy.


Friends, who want to lose weight, may be running that morning after fasting, after a night of digestion and absorption, the blood sugar is low, so that the body in motion can be directly called fat. This is wrong, the body is always first to call for sugar decomposition, the first is the blood sugar, if blood glucose is too low, the body cannot be timely for the energy, will produce syncope, greatly reduce the exercise intensity, reaching not the purpose of exercise. Instead, eat a banana right before exercise, carbohydrate, on the one hand, to ensure sufficient supply of blood sugar, on the other hand, the decomposition of sugar can promote fat burning. In other words, this is a highly effective form of exercise, looking to eat something, but this “oil”, can mobilize the machine in the sleep your body fat, making them efficient combustion. So that it can achieve weight loss goals.




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How To Prevent Feet Hurt In The Morning Exercise

Morning exercises should choose soft ground. It is ok to do healthy running around the path sports stadium. Running in the hard field is really not a clever choice.

Don’t wear hard sole shoes to run. You can choose softer thicker sole shoes, such as galoshes or sneakers. Also these shoes can be replaced by clothing sole shoes. But don’t wear hard sole leather shoes or plastic shoes.

A rational running gesture is very necessary. You should hit the ground with heel but not arch. According to this; it can decrease the force and develop the arch elasticity. Cushioning force should be appropriate, avoiding powerful. This makes people feel lighter and rich flexibility and also can decrease the feet burden, not only everlasting but also keeping away from pains.

When running, shoe lace can not be tied too tense, or it will hinder foot blood circulation. You should soak the foot bath with hot water, especially after your long term morning running or before go to bed every night, because it can decrease the feet muscle’s stickiness and increase the flexibility or extensibility of muscle. What is more, it can prevent pains and is helpful to your next morning exercise.

You should do some warm-up activities and adjusting activities before and after the running in the morning. You can not take part in the morning exercise until do sufficient the limb hip, knee, ankle, muscles, tendons and ligaments be opened. These are also very important to protect the foot.

Before sports exercise, doing some simple limbs motion and it is safe and effective to do some simple limbs activities exercise. In the cold winter, our muscle’s elasticity and ductility decrease obviously and the whole body the joint flexibility is also bad.It is easy to cause muscle, ligaments or joint sprains unless you do some warm-up sports.

Take good care of your shoes is ballanced to protecting your feet. Those people who attend running realize that a pair of good shoes is very important. Especially in the long run match, the shoes play a vital role to their record.

We can not pay too much to the brand of a good pair of running shoes. Those big-time boots perhaps are not suitable for you. When choose shoes, you should chose those fit you feet but not feet your shoes. In the meantime, the shoes’ airpermeability should be better and you should clear that solid do not means durable. Because the sports shoes can not last too long, normally one and a half years. It lies in the number of your exercise.

What is more; it lies in the place you choose to exercise. For example, the runway is soft and rich elasticity, so you should wear a pair of thin sole sneakers. If you wear a pair of thick foam-rubber cushion shoes, you will feel you on the cotton battle.

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Early Morning Run – 5 Tips To Start Running In The Morning

Running in the morning can be very challenging to most people. Nowadays, I consider myself an early riser. But I wasn’t always like that. In the past I used to hate early risers and everything that has to do with waking up early — even having a job was a drag and something I had to just go through and be done with it.

As I started running, I noticed my schedule getting tighter and tighter. I couldn’t keep my training schedule constantly in the afternoon; we all have our errands to run and commitment to keep up to. As a result I decided to schedule my runs in the morning. I have to admit — it was a big challenge-dragging myself each morning out of bed. As I practiced more and more, this challenge became easier and more doable.

So; here the 5 strategies you need to learn if you want to become an early morning runner:

1- Early to bed, early to rise

This is quite obvious and everyone seems to have a clear understanding of it, but not all people abide to it. Many people love staying up late and waking up only in the crack of noon — that’s classic procrastination. Get in this habit and have adequate amount of sleep, you will reap much more benefits.

2- Pre-run preparation

Prepare your running gear and equipments in the night before your run. Doing so will allow you to be much more focused in the morning without having to stumble between a million things-which is obviously a waste of your time and energy.

3- Hydration is essential

Make sure to drink enough water first thing in the morning. Your body will surely be well dehydrated after 7 or 8 hours of sleep. You could also eat some banana or an energy bar; having some nutrients will boost your performance level and sustain your energy needs.

4- Alarm clock

Set the alarm clock at the same time each morning; your body will adapt itself and develop a habit of waking up at the settled hour. Therefore, this task will get effortless once it turns to be a habit. I also find it very helpful to visualize the time I would I would like to get up at when I’m drifting to sleep.

5- Training schedule

Always be checking with your training plan. If you don’t have one yet, you should come up with a training plan on the spot. It’s not complicated in fact it’s much easier. Having a clear plan will remove all the cloudiness and confusion from your thinking; allowing better motivation and consistent action.

Last word of advice is that you don’t need to do these strategies verbatim. Perfection is the enemy of progress. If you can only run 2 or 3 times in the morning per week, you will be way ahead of everybody else. You could also change your running schedule in order to spice up your training keep your it exciting and enjoyable.

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8 Reasons to Exercise in The Morning

What is the best time for us to exercise? This is a popular question that is being asked again and again. For me, I would say exercising in the morning is the best. In fact, there are many experts say that the most important factor in a successful exercise or weight loss program is exercise first in the morning.

But Why Morning? Here are the 8 reasons:

1. Exercise early in the morning can “jump start” your metabolism. That means you body is activated and you can burn more calories through out the day.

2. Since your metabolism is raised, you are feeling “energized” for the whole day!

3. Many people find that morning exercise can reduce their consumption on food. This makes them less hungry and consume less calories.

4. Morning exercise can motivate you by letting you feeling that you are in a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

5. The morning air is fresh. When you exercise, you can breathe in more fresh air into your body and get healthier.

6. After hours of sleeping, your body has more energy and you can exercise easier compared to exhausted body in the evening.

7. You can wake up earlier because you have a goal to exercise. This lets you have more hours for your day!

8. Some reports show that exercise can increase our mental acuity which can last 4 to 10 hours after exercise. So if you exercise in the morning, your mental can work better for the whole day.

Maybe you are busy in the morning. Please try your best to allocate time for the exercise. Even a short 10 minute walk is better than none.

Personally, I choose to jog on my new Reebok 8100 ES treadmill. It can let me exercise even I stay at home. This can greatly increase my motivation to workout and lose more pounds. Folding treadmill can be a good choice for you as it won’t take out too much of space. Maybe you can consider to get one for yourself.

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Martial Artist’s Effective Early Morning Workout

There are a myriad of possible effective martial-arts workouts. If you are an early-morning riser, try the following martial-arts training routine. This one is for early-birds only.

Martial Artists Calm Mind
There is something special about being the only person up near dawn or sunrise. There is something special about training in solitude … or training side by side, quietly with a close friend, mate, or student.

If you can train outside, in the fresh air, that has some added benefits, but it’s not necessary. Wherever you work out, try to listen to the early morning sounds … of the city or countryside. Strain your ears; listen for rhythms that you can do your exercises to. Or focus on unique sounds and try to identify them as you perform techniques.

Note: It’s almost a mental puzzle to figure out how to consciously identify sounds, while your body unconsciously performs precision techniques. It almost forces a state of no-mind, teaching the body to react while not being allowed to focus on the technique itself.

Also, use early-morning sites while training. Concentrate on the beauty of the sunrise, while performing a form or kata. Examine the clouds in the distance, as you punch repetitively. Using sight and sound in early morning practice is different from you focused practice, where you analyze, adjust and improve. In the wee hours, you are teaching yourself to perform with a calm mind. You are taking advantage of privacy to empty your mind and train.

The Actual Martial-Arts Training Routine
Start slowly in the morning. Allow your body to wake up. Some slow stretches, as you appreciate the sun creeping up on the horizon. Do you know Salutation to The Sun? How about a different stretch routine?

Next, progress to a slow kata or form. Tai Chi and Chi Gung are perfect for this early-morn, slow workout. Or how about performing each move in Sil Lum Tao, from Wing Chun. Do this first form, or any kata that you select, slowly. Emphasize your smooth technique.

After your form/kata, stretch your legs some more. In fact, warm them up with some leg raises, kicks, or jumping jacks. Now, it’s time for some kicks. Again, start slowly, but this time, progress to kicks with more speed and force. You want to start sweating a little.

If it’s not a “kicking day,” then substitute some punches, eye jabs, or elbow strikes. The point is to start slowly, and then speed up. You want to break into a little bit of a sweat. I like my morning routines to be shorter than a regular martial arts class. Just enough to get me enthusiastic about the arts for the day is what I am looking for.

So, for my last exercise, I practice something that is practical — useful in a real self-defense situation. I want to end my martial-arts workout with a technique or series of moves that, in a sense, prepares me for the rest of the day.

This early morning is a special time to be able to practice in peace. As I said at the beginning, there are lots of possible routines. This is one where you can practice while appreciating the beauty of the sights and sounds of the early morning. What a great way for solo training! And if you are practicing with a partner, I suggest that you practice side by side, in silence. Or maybe roll in chi sao (sticking hands) without hitting — again, quietly.

Keith Pascal is the editor and author of several martial-arts ezines, including: