How to Choose the Right Cardio Exercise For You – Make Your Way to Effective Weight Loss

Cardio exercises are the most effective way in losing the extra weight. There are a lot of cardio exercises to choose from and there are important factors to consider when choosing the right one for you. It is not as simple as opting for the one that burns the most amount of fat compared to the rest.

The considerations

Go to a physician first to know your fitness level. You would not want to engage in any activity that is beyond your physical capacities, nor one that is too easy for you that it would not be effective in burning fat.

Know and set your goals. Determine whether you are aiming to lose weight or you want to keep and maintain the one you are in. Are you simply doing it to keep fit or is it in preparation for a tournament?

Opt for what you enjoy. Swimming may burn more fats than running, but would it really be of any help if you hated the water? Walking may bore you easily and you may end up giving up the weight loss thing easily.

Your budget is also to be considered, whether you can afford gym membership or those fancy equipment. What is the point in choosing aerobics classes when you can only afford a once-a-week session?

Easy versus hard

Choosing involves knowing whether you can do it or not. Among the low-intensity workouts are walking, elliptical training, and cycling. The high-intensity exercises include jumping rope and spinning. The first group involves exercises done at slow paces for longer periods, while the latter group involves powerful bursts for short periods.

Each workout should include at least five to ten minutes each of a warm up and cool down phase. Once you have chosen the right cardio exercise for you, remember to try to enjoy the process of losing weight than putting too much thought into it.

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The Health Benefits of Exercise – Regular Exercise is an Important Part of Effective Weight Loss

Though most people repel the idea, the majority has gone crazy over exercise not only because our lives have become sedentary, but also because we are in grave need of rescue from obesity and weight gain. With more than half of us Americans struggling against the pull of weight on our bodies, there is no doubt that we are in deep trouble. We have compiled below some of the top health benefits of exercising at least 1 ¼ hours per week.

Definitely leads to calorie expenditure – Though you burn energy while at rest, this amount can never compensate that which you bring into your body every time you sit on your table to have a meal. If you could burn at least 3500 calories per week, it would not be impossible for you to be a pound less heavy week after week.

Improves sleep – Exercise exhausts the body, enough to make you snooze mildly at night. And if you get well-rested during sleep, you would be able to be more effective at your tasks the next day, whether it’s work, customary activities, or another round on the elliptical trainer.

Lessens the risk of developing heart-related diseases – Through putting the heart and lungs to use along with other mechanisms, exercise improves the cardiovascular system. This leads to a host of other benefits such as better focus of the brain and lesser chances of developing cardiovascular-related diseases.

Reduces the risk of premature death – Not exercising is a foolproof way of meeting your early death. However, adding in a few minutes of activities into your daily habits will prevent untimely deterioration of the body.

Builds and maintains healthy muscles, joints, and bones – Strength training, muscle building…name it. All exercises can fortify the muscular and skeletal frames.

Promotes longevity – A raft of research proves that people who exercise regularly are more likely to outlive those who live stationary lives.

Improves psychological well-being – Exercising can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. This is because exercising can stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the body. These chemicals greatly affect emotions.

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Most Effective Exercise For Burning Calories

If you are trying to lose weight then there is no doubt that the best way to do so is with diet and exercise. There are lots of options for both diet and exercise, but the diet is a bit more clear cut (eating healthy isn’t that hard to understand) but for exercise.. There are so many programs and work outs all promising great results. But which exercise are the most effective for burning calories? The answer to this question may surprise you.

Many believe that jogging or other cardio work is the best for burning calories. While many other people feel that weight training produces best results. The truth however is that the best results are produced by performing exercise that are hard for you to do. Obviously which exercise are hard to do depends on each individual. But let me explain why this is so.

Doing an exercise will burn a certain amount of calories, the amount is not set in stone and varies (sometimes greatly) from person to person. The harder an exercise to do the more energy is needed to perform it, the more calories will be burned. However, as you do that exercise over and over, your body adapts and it becomes easier to do it, thus less calories will be burned. This is actually the reason why jogging can produce great results in the beginning but for most people will produce no visible results after a while.

The best way to avoid this is by constantly switching exercise. Doing this will keep your body from adapting and will guarantee that you always burn a lot of calories. So think of an exercise you find hard to do, it might be push ups, it might be squats, or perhaps it’s running at higher speeds or for longer time. Then do those exercise until they become easy, then switch to something else that you find difficult.

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Weight Loss – The Effective Way

Losing weight has become a global phenomena and the problem can be seen in all the parts of the world. How do you know that what you are doing will be the effective way of losing weight. There has been a constant increase in the food supplement, diet pills and many other products which proclaim that they are the most effective weight loss product. Now with such a choice you have to decide what you want to do to burn the fat.

Exercise which has been a constant and effective element in any weight loss program has also been divided into many types. The old time plain and simple exercise of walking is still a popular choice, but with so many types of new exercises being introduced daily, you get a wide choice. A main new type of exercise is the aerobics. It has many advantages like it gives different types of exercising practice with variations than the same old exercise routine. You will get a wide range of exercises which keeps the new element always in forefront. With background music going on you and you will find aerobics a fun session than the plain exercise session. So when you are having fun you tend to enjoy and put more effort and spend more time on it.

As there is variety in aerobics there is lesser risk of getting injured. Moreover, with aerobics all the muscles of each and every part of the body tone up, this is not in the case of any one particular type of exercise. Aerobic cross training burns fat as you work on more muscles.

Another popular and effective way of losing weight is through yoga. It is an ancient Indian exercise method. Different asana in yoga take care of different parts of the body, so if you do yoga with all the asana, each and every part of the body will be affected by it. One such asana is the Surya Namaskar made for the whole body and is a very effective asana.

The breathing exercises of yoga called the pranayam keep you fresh throughout the day. It cleanses the whole body through the deep breathing exercise you do. Your lungs work better and as you breathe deeply it affects the working of your heart also.

A natural way to lose weight is to take Ayurvedic medicine. It is one of the earliest remedial sciences which has produced many medicines without any side effects and is very effective in losing weight. Regular intake of the Ayurvedic medicines and a healthy lifestyle leads to more effective weight loss program. There are many herbs in ayurveda which helps to improve your metabolism naturally. With improved metabolism, you tend to exercise properly and you start losing weight.

When you lose weight with such natural methods, you can be sure about one thing that you won’t gain weight very fast after that. The natural methods of losing weight are more effective and sustainable. So try all the tips given above and lead a healthy life.

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The Most Effective Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat

Recent research has identified that losing fat from around the abdomen reduces the risk of many diseases and is one of the best ways you can ensure you stay healthy. There are two main types of abdominal area fat:

– Visceral fat is fat which is stored deep inside the body and surrounds and protects the vital organs;

– The other is Subcutaneous fat and is the fat many people carry just under the skin and the fat which you can pinch;

There are many abdominal exercises that you can you to use to lose belly fat. If over a prolonged period you consume more calories than you burn you will not lose your belly fat. So to ensure that you lose as much weight as possible, ensure you burn more calories than you consume over a prolonged period and exercise regularly.

So which us belly fat stomach exercises are the most efficient at burning the Subcutaneous fat from around the stomach?

So lets firstly address one incorrect myth. Doing hundreds of stomach crunches a day will not burn fat from around the belly. As already stated, in order to lose fat you need to live a calorie deficit life for a long period; you need to burn more calories than you consume. Not enough calories are burnt doing situps for it to be an effective way of losing stomach fat. The only way to effectively lose belly fat is to use a full-body training program that makes the most of both your metabolic rate and the body’s hormonal response to your exercise routine. Therefore, the most important thing you can start to do if you are not doing it is to exercise regularly.

A full body training program is the best way to lose stomach fat and this is supported by recent research.In order for this exercise to be effective it needs to encompass both cardio vascular and resistance exercise. Many gurus believe that 30 or 40 minutes exercise 3 or 3 times a week is sufficient, this is in fact incorrect. The cross trainer is my personal favorite piece of equipment as 20 minutes of hard work can burn close to 400 calories. But remember, in addition to your exercise program eating a balanced healthy diet is crucial to long term successful weight control. Plan what you keep in the cupboards and plan you meals as you would plan you exercise and overtime you will see your abdominal fat reduce.

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Martial Artist’s Effective Early Morning Workout

There are a myriad of possible effective martial-arts workouts. If you are an early-morning riser, try the following martial-arts training routine. This one is for early-birds only.

Martial Artists Calm Mind
There is something special about being the only person up near dawn or sunrise. There is something special about training in solitude … or training side by side, quietly with a close friend, mate, or student.

If you can train outside, in the fresh air, that has some added benefits, but it’s not necessary. Wherever you work out, try to listen to the early morning sounds … of the city or countryside. Strain your ears; listen for rhythms that you can do your exercises to. Or focus on unique sounds and try to identify them as you perform techniques.

Note: It’s almost a mental puzzle to figure out how to consciously identify sounds, while your body unconsciously performs precision techniques. It almost forces a state of no-mind, teaching the body to react while not being allowed to focus on the technique itself.

Also, use early-morning sites while training. Concentrate on the beauty of the sunrise, while performing a form or kata. Examine the clouds in the distance, as you punch repetitively. Using sight and sound in early morning practice is different from you focused practice, where you analyze, adjust and improve. In the wee hours, you are teaching yourself to perform with a calm mind. You are taking advantage of privacy to empty your mind and train.

The Actual Martial-Arts Training Routine
Start slowly in the morning. Allow your body to wake up. Some slow stretches, as you appreciate the sun creeping up on the horizon. Do you know Salutation to The Sun? How about a different stretch routine?

Next, progress to a slow kata or form. Tai Chi and Chi Gung are perfect for this early-morn, slow workout. Or how about performing each move in Sil Lum Tao, from Wing Chun. Do this first form, or any kata that you select, slowly. Emphasize your smooth technique.

After your form/kata, stretch your legs some more. In fact, warm them up with some leg raises, kicks, or jumping jacks. Now, it’s time for some kicks. Again, start slowly, but this time, progress to kicks with more speed and force. You want to start sweating a little.

If it’s not a “kicking day,” then substitute some punches, eye jabs, or elbow strikes. The point is to start slowly, and then speed up. You want to break into a little bit of a sweat. I like my morning routines to be shorter than a regular martial arts class. Just enough to get me enthusiastic about the arts for the day is what I am looking for.

So, for my last exercise, I practice something that is practical — useful in a real self-defense situation. I want to end my martial-arts workout with a technique or series of moves that, in a sense, prepares me for the rest of the day.

This early morning is a special time to be able to practice in peace. As I said at the beginning, there are lots of possible routines. This is one where you can practice while appreciating the beauty of the sights and sounds of the early morning. What a great way for solo training! And if you are practicing with a partner, I suggest that you practice side by side, in silence. Or maybe roll in chi sao (sticking hands) without hitting — again, quietly.

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