Tips For Coping With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness – the phrase almost makes you feel warm and fuzzy because you know it’s for a good cause. But spending your days hunched over the toilet is certainly not fun.

I was lucky enough to experience morning sickness so bad that I was hospitalized. In fact, I was told I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) which is “extreme morning sickness”. You’ll be diagnosed with HG if you have severe nausea and vomiting that leads to dehydration, weight loss and malnutrition.

Whether you have morning sickness or you suffer from HG, there are some things you can do to help you cope.

The first thing you should do is to get rid of anything smelly in your home and vehicle. Air fresheners, strong perfumes or colognes, potpourri, scented candles, etc. can all be put away until after your morning sickness subsides.

I made my husband toss his Axe body spray in the garbage after I had a three hour conversation with my toilet one morning because I smelled it on him.

Another thing you may want to do is get someone else to do the grocery shopping or have it delivered. Walking into a grocery store is all it took for me to be sick, so I had my husband do all the shopping. When he was out of town for work, I’d have a delivery service bring them to me. Even small towns have this service. Check your yellow pages.

My doctor suggested that I have a bag of soda crackers at my bedside at all times. When I woke up in the morning, I ate a few and laid there for about an hour before getting up. It helped in the beginning but eventually the smell of crackers would make me sick. However, this has worked for many women with morning sickness, so it’s worth a try.

Lastly, I refrained from cooking any meat or other smelly things in my house. I basically ate fruit and salad during my pregnancies. The smell of anything cooking on the stove was not good at all!

Coping with morning sickness can be a pretty miserable time, but remember that this temporary annoyance will pass and it really is for a great cause!

One last little piece of advice that my grandmother gave me was to eat whatever I felt like. If I felt that ice cream was the only thing I could keep down, then by golly, you better eat an entire tub of it! Anything is better than nothing when you’ve got a little nutrient-sucking peanut in your baby making factory.

Even if you can’t keep your food down, keep in mind that your baby is still getting a little bit of nutrition before it comes back up. My doctor also assured me that in the beginning stages, especially the first trimester, baby relies more on the nutrients already stored in your body rather than the food you’re eating daily.

Don’t let morning sickness get you down or worry you that your baby isn’t getting enough nutrients. But if you’re starting to get dehydrated or losing too much weight, it’s time to see your doctor.

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