Two of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Summer is here and I’m sure that many of us need to drop some of those winter pounds. There are many different ways to lose weight and if you follow my instructions then I guarantee that you will drop the pounds. Exercising alone is not enough for you to lose weight. Your diet must be consistent and should be of high priority in your daily routine. This article will talk about some of the fastest ways to lose weight.


There are different ways to fast. Some people fast all day and don’t eat a thing. Well then what happens is that they gorge after they have fasted. My way of fasting is much different and can be of good use when trying to drop some of those pounds. Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m not so sure that I agree with that. The way I see it is that if you can skip breakfast you’d be saving your self anywhere from 250 to 500 calories a day. That does make a big difference in your daily caloric intake. If you absolutely need to have something in your stomach in the morning then have a meal replacement shake or a weight loss shake. They usually have all the vitamins and protein that your body needs daily. Try fasting the first half of the day and have a late afternoon healthy snack and a sensible dinner around 6pm.

Daily caloric intake:

If you are one of those people who just can’t fast then there are other ideas to help you out. The most important way to start cutting your daily caloric intake is to cut out all the sweets and sodas in your diet. Immediately you should start noticing a difference as soon as you cut out all the bad things for you. Start your day off with a weight loss shake. Drink plenty of water. I can’t emphasize how important this is for you. Have a piece of fruit before lunchtime. Have another weight loss shake for lunch with approximately 200 calories. Then for dinner eat something with low fat and low calories. Make sure to eat dinner no later than 6pm. You should be eating around 1000-1200 calories daily. You will see results immediately!

With some simple guidelines to follow I guarantee you will drop pounds fast. Don’t go through summer thinking what you could look like in a swimsuit, go through summer wearing a swimsuit. These are two of the fastest ways to lose weight.

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