Your Best Bodybuilding Workout Guide

You want the body of The Terminator. That is not a huge impossibility if you are willing to work hard and endure the discipline of serious training. A good bodybuilding workout has effective weight lifting programs designed to push each target area to its maximum level of endurance. If you think you can handle the work that comes before the rewards of a great physique, read on to find out how.

Let’s begin with the chest workout. Nothing inspires a damsel in distress more than a broad and well-developed chest on a guy. To get the most out of your workout, remember to stretch and warm up well so that blood is flowing to the target area preparing it for hard training.

Start with 2 sets of bench press 15 light weight reps each. Then progress to 3 heavy sets of incline bench press and dumbbell flyes of 8 reps each. A 25-30 degree angle for the inclined bench press gives maximum weight lifting emphasis especially for the upper chest muscles. You can also train your arms alongside your chest. Start with lower weights and build your way to higher loads with less repetition per set.

The crunches are still the best way to sculpt the abdominal muscles. Do not put your hands under your head because this will lead to poor posture and put strain on your neck area. Cross your arms over your chest instead. Other effective abdominal exercises are leg raises. You can do this lying down or gripping the arm rests of a bar or the Roman chair. For obliques, you can hold on to weights on either side of your body and slowly bend from side to side. Do not perform these sets quickly or it can lead to lower back injuries.

Many aspiring bodybuilders work out their backs less because it is a muscle group they seldom see. It is one of the most important muscles to develop because a strong back is the cornerstone of most exercises. For beginners, the best back workouts will be chin up, pull ups and dead lifts. As you progress, you can alternate with barbell shrugs, upright rows, lat pull downs (upper back); hyper extensions, bent over barbell rows (lower back); one arm dumbbell rows, seated rows (middle back).

Shoulders are one of the hardest body parts to target. The seated shoulder press is an effective exercise for this. Begin with one to two sets of warm ups that is 50% of the weight you usually use. You can also switch it up with military press exercise, machine presses and lateral raises. Always perform these exercises before you do triceps.

Leg muscle training is demanding but usually grows without much of a problem unlike some of the other body parts. The basic bodybuilding workout for legs is the squat. Squats work almost all areas of your legs and then some. Incorporate leg press, leg curls, lunges, calf raises and hamstring exercises to ensure strong and muscular thighs that can carry the rest of your buff body.

Weight lifting programs challenge the best of us. They require determination of steel and a strong disregard for temporary pain. The end result is not just a rock hard body; it is good health and a key attitude of resiliency that will carry you anywhere in life.

Emmanuel Palmer has read up and learned from the best weight lifting programs out in the market today. Read on to get free Bodybuilding Workout articles you can use today.

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